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In practice, opting for the acquisition or construction of a house low energy is first and foremost think his investment.

• What is a HOUSE BBC
BBC's house (Building low energy) is building a new generation that ensures significant energy savings. CRE'ACTUEL BBC is now certified "EFFINERGIE".

• Characteristics of the house BBC
BBC One house is a house with a very low power consumption: 55 kWhep / m² (against 110 for a house RT 2005 and over 250 for the average existing home). KWhep 55 / m² in primary energy consumption taking into account all uses (heating, cooling, production of domestic hot water, ventilation and lighting) and declined according to the climatic zones of the RT2005 and the altitude of the construction project .
The concept image HERE.

• Benefits to the future owner
- Control your expenses: limited impact of higher gas prices, electricity, wood, etc ...
- Considerable advantage when selling a house BBC.
As your furnace or your fridge, the label home energy (with its certificate as above!) will become an excellent point of sale.
- Finally, it is a house with a rate of CO2 emissions reduced very environmentally friendly